Free Virtual Event for Spiritual Changemakers + Leaders

The wisdom, techniques, lifestyle, and psychology to open yourself as a vessel for the sacred purpose and message that wants to flow through you.

15+ Hours of Exclusive Interviews with Top Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs to Amplify Your Confidence + Conviction in Your Gifts


What you'll take away

  • Aligned leadership embodiment practices that will help you stay centered and grounded so you can execute your mission
  • Spiritual tools for expansion + communion so you can attune to your unique service
  • Easy nervous system regulation so you'll know when you're 'disconnected' + reconnect with ease
  • The business + entrepreneurial strategy to magnetize aligned clients and be nourished spiritually and financially
  • Learn how to meet trauma as a Helping Professional so you can provide safe spaces for your clients to transform within
  • Develop a work-life balance mindset that will support you in serving from an overflowing cup


22+ Inspiring Interviews with Leading Experts


Amanda Bucci

Business and Leadership Coach

IG @amandabucci

IG @entrepreneurialarchetype

FB @itsamandabucci

Andréa Ranae

Founder and Director of Whole / Self Liberation

IG @andrearanaej

IG @wholeselfliberation

Alyssa Nobriga

Founder + CEO of The Institute of Coaching Mastery

IG @alyssanobriga

FB @awakeandinspired

Christena Cleveland Ph.D.

Social Psychologist, Theologian & Author

IG @christenacleveland

FB @drchristenacleveland

Sarah Durham Wilson

Mother of the Mature Feminine Movement

IG @themotherspirit

FB @themotherspirit

Susanna Barkataki

Equitable Yoga Culture Author, Speaker & Trainer

IG @susannabarkataki

Jimanekia Eborn

Media Consultant & Sex Educator + Trauma Expert

IG @jimanekia

TWTR @jimanekia

Nisha Moodley

Integrative Leadership Coach

IG @nishamoodley

FB @nishamoodley

Isis Indriya

Oracular Arts Educator

IG @isis_indriya


FB @isis.indriya

Aja Daashuur

Life Coach, Medium, Transformational Portal

IG @thespiritguidecoach

IG @spirithousecollective

IG @giftsforthespirit

Haize Hawke

Ritualist, Spiritual Mentor, Educator + Master Doula

IG @iamhaizehawkerosen

Aki Hirata Baker

Multi-modality Healing Facilitator and Founder of MINKA Brooklyn

IG @minkabrooklyn

IG @soulflowermedicine

Over 15+ Hours of Inspiring and Practical Transmissions

Meredith Rom

Women's Leadership Coach, Author, Podcast Host

IG @risingwomenleaders

FB @meredithromyoga

Taylor Eyewalker

Founder of the Uncoil Method, Kambo Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

IG @tayloreyewalker

Charlotte Nguyên

Spiritual + Transformational Coach

IG @lotusinaseaoffire

FB @getfreemeditation

June 'Jumakae' Kaewsith

Professional Artist, Wellness Consultant & Storytelling Coach

IG @jumakae

Madeline Giles

Spiritual Counselor, Breathwork Teacher

IG @madeline_giles

FB @angelicbreathhealing

Ash Johns

Brand Strategist + Psychospiritual Life Coach

IG @ashinspires

FB @ashinspires

Jedaya Barboza

Venusian Rose Womb Priestess

IG @jedayabarboza

FB @awakeandinspired

Denell Narwocki

Women's Wellness Guide, Speaker & Author

IG @cervicalwellness

Toshia Shaw

Author, Energy Healer, Transformational Coach

IG @toshiashaw

IG @empressofom

FB @toshiashaw1

Shereen Choudhury

Creative Business Coach

IG @radiantwildheart

FB @radiantwildheart

Your Host

Luna Grace Isbell-Love

Personal + Professional Alignment Mentor for women Changemakers who are here to leave a legacy.

I'm your truth-telling, shadow-walking, trauma-informed, nervous system exploring, woman of devotion.

My mission is to uplift you as a leader to confidently clarify, define, structure and live your Soul Purpose while deepening your integrity along the way.

I believe leadership is our greatest act of love.

This work resides at the intersection of being both human + holy, welcoming the full spectrum of life, love, liberation, and leadership: the agony, the ecstasy, and everything in between.

My work has been featured in:


Allowing yourself to lead + be moved into right action by something bigger than ourselves